ForgeJS Features Samples

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name description
Simple project It is the simpliest possible project : a very tiny webpage, a tiny configuration, and only one image to display. This is an example of the minimum required to run a project.
Littleplanet view The previous project, with a different view, the little planet one. This project uses the GoPro view that is between a rectilinear and a little planet effect depending on your zoom factor.
Flat view This project demonstrates the flat view and its options.
Simple video A very simple example with a video playing.
Media grid Demonstration of media grid.
Multiresolution An example to demonstrate the ForgeJS ability to handle any kind of panoramic-image size through multiresolution image processing.
Multiple scenes A simple example showing how to navigate through scenes.
Multiple media Different kind of media over several scenes (equi, video, cubemap, grid).
Multiple locales Using the LocaleSelector plugin, it is possible to switch between the multiple locales present in this project.
Changing the view Change the view in realtime, going to Rectilinear to Little Planet, without stopping the playing video and without changing the orientation of the camera.
Special effects Apply a special effect on a scene, and toggle it to view how it affects the scene.
Audio playlists Using playlists, it's possible to apply a background sound track to each scene.
Ambisonics Using first-order ambisonics into a scene.
Director's cut Change the orientation of the camera in realtime according to waypoints.
Scene synchronization Navigate through videos and while keeping the video current time.
MPEG-DASH videos Video player based on MPEG-DASH streaming technology.
Hotspots Add hotspots to a scene.
Hotspots with actions Add actions to hotspots.
Hotspots states Add states to your hotspots and change the material (texture) on mouse over or declare custom states to create specific behaviors like checkboxes.
Hotspots states sound Add states to your hotspots and change the sound emitted by the hotspot on mouse over.
Hotspots states animation Add states to your hotspots and change the animation by changing its state.
Hotspots animated sprite Apply animated sprite as hotspot texture.
Hotspots video Apply video as hotspot texture.
Moving hotspots Apply animation transformations to hotspots.
Hotspots with spatialized sounds Add hotspots with spatialized sounds to a scene.
Hotspots geometry Add hotspots with 3D geometries such as a sphere or a box.
Hotspots auto scale Hotspot that are keeping the same aspect whatever the fov is.
Hotspots DOM Move HTML elements over the 3D viewport according the camera orientation like hotspots!
Camera limitation Apply direction and limits to the orientation and the field of view of the camera.
Camera parallax Apply a camera parallax effect on the hotspots layer.
Pointer controller This samples has a Toolbox plugin to test and tweak the options of the pointer controller
Gamepad controller This sample is configured to work with a gamepad. You can control the camera with joystick, change the scene and the view type. If you are using Chrome you will have a plugin that displays the gamepad inputs.

ForgeJS Plugins Samples

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name description
Video controls Plugin to allow users to have full control of the video player through buttons and widgets.
Google maps Plugin that displays a GPS track on a Google map.
Thumbnail bar A plugin allows to add a bar at the bottom of the screen, containing thumbnails relative of each scene.
Performance monitor A plugin that add a draggable performance monitor.
Toolbox A plugin that displays a GUI to interact with camera values, current scene or view type.
Editor A plugin that displays a GUI add hotspots placeholders in your scene, you can save and load hotspots configuration.
Telemetry A project displaying multiple plugins, each being fed with data coming from the telemetry gathered by a GoPro camera. The plugins used in this project are speedometer, accelerometer, compass and altimeter. These plugins can be used as hotspots' texture or be displayed in screen space.
Share view A plugin allowing the user to share the current view type and camera orientation (yaw, pitch, roll and fov). The plugin keeps the url updated with those parameters.

ForgeJS Projects

These are projects using different set of features.

name description
Vrrroom This is the project that has been presented at the IVRPA 2016 in Quebec.
Immersive and narrative A sample highlighting the powerful storytelling capabilities of ForgeJS combining narrative and immersive scenes.

31st Oct 2017