We release ForgeJS version 0.9.1! What has changed since the last version?


  • Fix default background configuration for the main container.


  • Fix background configuration on scenes.


  • New: Add a new media type "grid" to generate a grid preview with optional parameters.


  • Don't update texture when the video is paused.
  • Don't render the background when a scene has no media.
  • Unload scene background on scene unload.
  • Fix onBeforeRender and onAfterRender events on Hotspot3D objects.
  • Fix render routine when pipeline has no fx.


  • Camera is refreshed before rendering every frame.
  • Fix camera refresh on viewer resize.


  • Redesign of the HTMLAudioElement loader to solve events never fired on Microsoft Edge.
  • Deactivation of the AudioContext suspend and resume methods for Safari browser compatibility.


  • Video auto quality improvements when you use multiple video sources as quality levels.
  • Fix multiple quality issues on Microsoft browsers.
  • Add playslinline attribute for HTMLVideoElement to display the video properly on iOS 10.x.
  • Video levels can now target a specific environement. Useful to prevent the use of a too high video resolution on Safari or Firefox.


  • Add a new grid media type to display a 3D grid background.
  • Add a startTime property on video media type options.


  • Hotspot are now able to crop a specified frame in a texture source.
  • New hotspot states feature that handles material change on mouse over and custom states.
  • Hotspots are now taking account of the interactive property in json configuration.
  • Hotspots cursor is now customizable with the new cursor property.


  • Open a public github repository for plugins.
  • Add SafariCORS plugin to handle Safari bug with CORS.
  • Add MobileVideoPlay plugin that display a play button on mobile to fix the autoPlay.
  • Add PerformanceMonitor plugin based on Stats.js.
  • Add PreviousNextButtons plugin to navigate between scenes.
  • Add VideoControls plugin to add a GUI on video scenes.
  • Add a WebVRButton plugin to display a button to toggle WebVR if the browser is compatible.



  • Add a template for GitHub issues.


  • Update the way we detect Safari browser in FORGE.Device
  • Remove unused classes CameraViewFinder.js, CameraViewFinderType.js, Debug.js.
  • Cubemap videos on cdn.forgejs.org for testing.
  • Array.prototype.keys polyfill for cubemap media type under Internet Explorer 11.
  • Package display has been reorganized in sub packages.
  • Add a template for GitHub issues.