We release ForgeJS version 0.9.3! What has changed since the last version?


  • New: Add the onConfigLoadComplete event to the FORGE.Viewer.
  • Fix: Multiple viewers on the same page is now possible as long as the history feature is disabled.
  • Fix: Viewer.destroy crash has been fixed.
  • Fix: beforeRender and afterRender callbacks are now functional on minified build.


  • Fix: Camera limits are now properly assigned on scene change.


  • New: Gamepad controllers support has been added.


  • Fix: Omitone ambisonic library has been updated.
  • Fix: Ambisonic resume/restart has been fixed.


  • Fix: Canvas is now properly resized when browser is in WebVR emulation mode.


  • New: Hotspot states are now handling the transform component.
  • New: Hotspot states are now handling the sound component.
  • New: Hotspot states are now handling the animation component.
  • Fix: Animated hotspots are now properly destroyed.
  • Fix: Hotspots don't need to be clicked twice on mobile.
  • Fix: HotspotGeometry.SHAPE crash when there are less than three points. Add a default behavior.

Director's cut

  • Fix: Director's cut bad synchronisation has been fixed.

Post processing

  • New: Add Shader pass support in json configuration for post processing.


  • New: Gamepad monitor plugin to help the Gamepad debug.


  • New: hotspots-states-sound sample to demonstrate the sound state change.
  • New: hotspots-states-animation sample to demonstrate the animation state change.
  • New: multiple-viewers sample to demonstrate the multiple viewers in the same page.
  • New: gamepad-controls sample to test the GamepadController.