We release ForgeJS version 0.9.2! What has changed since the last version?


  • New: Add of autoPause and autoResume options to viewer configuration. It use the Page Visibility API which lets you know when a webpage is visible or in focus. If autoPause is set to true, all video and sounds will be automatically paused.
  • New: viewer.mainConfig references the global json configuration object of the project.
  • New: viewer.config references the viewer object of the json configuration.


  • New: New events declaration for viewer.story in the json configuration. Available events are: onReady, onGroupChange, onSceneLoadStart and onSceneLoadComplete.


  • Change: The FORGE.Scene now owns the media reference.
  • Change: The FORGE.SceneParser has been deleted.
  • New: The FORGE.Scene object now has a onMediaCreate event.
  • New: New events declaration for scenes in the json configuration. Available events are: onLoadStart, onLoadComplete, onUnloadStart and onUnloadComplete.
  • New: scene.load can now take a time in parameter when you need to load a video scene at a specific time.
  • New: Video scenes now can be auto time synchronized thanks to the sync attribute of the scene configuration. (sync attribute is an array of scene uids to be synched together).


  • New: Add a ViewManager. To get and set the view type you can use viewer.view.type.
  • New: RendererManager now has a disableVR method in addition to the enableVR method.
  • New: Add a new view called "flat" view to display non spherical media.


  • New: Add a flat camera based on THREE.OrthographicCamera.


New: FORGE.Device now emits a onReady event.


  • New: Add a FORGE.ControllerGyroscope that is enabled by default.
  • New: Allow the inversion of each axis of FORGE.ControllerPointer independently.
  • New: The FORGE.ControllerPointer now switches fullscreen mode on double click by default.
  • New: FORGE.ControllerManager has a getByType method.


  • New: Interaction with the autoPause and autoResume viewer options.


  • New: Interaction with the autoPause and autoResume viewer options.
  • Fix: Catch the error when autoPlay is set to true on mobile.


  • New: Add a SpriteConfig object.


  • Change: Hotspots that need to be auto rotated to face the center of the scene have to set the facingCenter attribute to true in its configuration.

  • New: Sprite animation material support.
  • New: Video texture material support.
  • New: Basic support of 3D shapes as hotspot geometry.

  • Optimization: Hotspot creation and raycasting optimizations.
  • Optimization: Texture is now re-used and not created every frame.

  • Fix: Hotspot scale fix. The scale used to be applied twice (on geometry then on mesh), now it is only applied on the mesh.
  • Fix: Hotspot out method is now called properly.
  • Fix: Add minFilter to LINEAR on HotspotMaterial texture to remove the blurry effect.
  • Fix: Hotspot visible state is now taken into account.


  • New: Actions target is now window by default.


  • Fix: FORGE.Textfield.fontWeight property is now set properly.


  • New: Toolbox plugin that displays a GUI to see the camera values, change the scene or the view type.
  • New: GyroscopeButton plugin to display a gyroscope toggle button if gyro is available on the device.
  • Fix: Plugin versioning.


  • Sample: New hotspot-sprite sample to demonstrate the use of animated sprites as hotspot texture.
  • Sample: New hotspot-video sample to demonstrate the use of video as hotspot texture.
  • Sample: New scene-sync sample to demonstrate the time synchronization between scenes.
  • Sample: New debug sample to demonstrate the debug GUI plugin.
  • Sample: New immersive-and-narrative project to demonstrate alternating between spherical (immersive) and non spherical (narrative) media.
  • Sample: Edit change-view sample to demonstrate the flat view.
  • Sample: Edit multiple-media sample to demonstrate the flat view.


  • Fix: global flags FORGE.DEBUG and FORGE.WARNING are now working properly.