We release ForgeJS version 0.9.5! What has changed since the last version?


  • New: you can now set options of the WebGL context in the viewer json configuration.
  • New: onMainConfigLoadComplete event that is fired when all the configuration has been parsed. So the new event order is onReady, onConfigLoadcomplete then onMainConfigLoadComplete.


  • Fix: startTime not taken into account. Medias were always starting at 0s unless it was synced with another media.
  • New: add a preview object to the media, allowing to have a low resolution preview of the displayed media (work for media of image type).
  • New: ability to load a complex image composed of multiples tiles, for high multi resolution purpose.


  • New: multiresolution image processing for tiled images through a new background pyramid renderer. See the multiresolution and paris26g samples for use case.


  • New: add a capture method to FORGE.Canvas. This allows you to capture the user viewport and get an image with viewer.canvas.capture().


  • Update: onCameraChange event is now renamed to onChange.
  • New: add a onOrientationChange event to the FORGE.Camera.
  • New: add a onFovChange event to the FORGE.Camera.
  • Improvement: the lookAt method takes cancelRoll argument into account.


  • New: add flat view options to repeat the media on x and y axis.


  • New: add a playbackRate setter for VideoHTML5 and VideoDash.
  • New: add onRateChange event for videos.


  • New: Hotspots3D now support the use of offset values (x, y and z) into the geometry configuration object in world unit.
  • New: HotspotsDOM now support the use of offset values (x, y) into the dom configuration object in pixel units.
  • New: hotspot has a new autoScale parameter in their configuration. This allows the hotspot to keep the same aspect whatever the fov is.
  • Fix: when destroying a HotspotDOM, do not remove the dom but hide it away. Adaptation of the events because of bad reference when destroying it.


  • New: add GoogleMaps plugin to display a GPX track on a Google Maps.
  • New: add an Altimeter plugin to display the altitude extracted from the telemetry sensors of GoPro's cameras.
  • New: add an Compass plugin to display the orientation extracted from the telemetry sensors of GoPro's cameras.
  • New: add an Speedometer plugin to display the speed extracted from the telemetry sensors of GoPro's cameras.
  • New: add an Accelerometer plugin to display the G force extracted from the telemetry sensors of GoPro's cameras.
  • New: add a Share plugin that keeps the url updated according to your camera orientation. That allows the user to share its current view with people through the url.
  • Update: add playback rate menu to the VideoControls plugin.
  • Update: new version of the Editor plugin. You can now manipulate hotspots in space (translation, rotation, scale), change their names, edit the geometry, browse the history.
  • Update: new version of the Toolbox plugin that have a view selector now.


  • New: telemetry sample to demonstrate the use of the telemetry plugins (speedometer, accelerometer, compass and altimeter). The plugins can be display as hotspots in the 3D world or in screen space in 2D.
  • New: multiresolution sample to demonstrate the performance and the display quality of ForgeJS to handle any kind of panoramic-image size.
  • New: paris26g sample. It is a multiresolution sample with our famous Paris 26 Gigapixels panorama.
  • New: googlemaps sample to demonstrate the use of the GoogleMaps plugin.
  • New: view-flat sample to demonstrate the options of the flat view.
  • New camera-events sample to log new FORGE.Camera events in the browser console.
  • Update: edit editor sample for the new version of the Editor plugin.
  • Update: edit multiple-media sample to demonstrate the flat view options.


  • Update: Omnitone library to 1.0.1
  • Update: dash.js library to 2.6.0