We release ForgeJS version 0.9.4! What has changed since the last version?

Warning: We have a regression on Samsung gear VR with this 0.9.4 version. We are working on it, but we want to share this version for people who does not target Samsung gear VR, especially for hotspots DOM which are effective only on desktops.


  • Fix: Viewer.destroy crash has been fixed.
  • Fix: Opening new tab without focusing it crash has been fixed.
  • Fix: Mouse position detection on Hotspot click when the viewer in not at full page but in a smaller container in the middle of the page.


  • New: Add scene media events in JSON configuration. (onPlay, onPause, onSeek, onEnded). That can be useful to load another scene at the end of the current video scene.


  • New: worldToScreen and screenToWorld methods for rectilinear view.
  • New: worldToScreen and screenToWorld methods for gopro view.
  • New: sphericalToCartesian and cartesianToSpherical methods into FORGE.Math.


  • Add a keep parameter to camera configuration to keep camera orientation from a scene to another.


  • New: DOM Hotspots management. Now you can position HTML elements over the 3D scene that will follow a position in space if the camera moves.
  • Fix: Better management of the hotspots texture opacity.

Director's cut

  • Fix: Seeking event support for Firefox has been added.


  • New: Add the pinch to ControllerPointer in order to be able to change the FOV by pinching on touch screens.
  • New: Add drag mode to ControllerPointer for mouse and touch screens.
  • New: Add a zoom to pointer option to the ControllerPointer.


  • New: Device compatibility detection for plugins has been improved to describe complex configurations.


  • New: First iteration on a hotspots editor plugin called Editor.
  • New: Toolbox plugin can now have options to just display the needed panels.
  • New: Toolbox plugin have two new panels that can help you to tweak and test the pointer controller parameters. (mouse and touch).
  • Fix: VideoControls plugin now uses svg and png assets to ensure IE11 compatibility.
  • Fix: GyroscopeButton and WebVRButton plugins use a new image url.


  • New: add copyright licenses for all assets used into the samples.
  • New: editor sample to demonstrate the very first version of the Editor plugin.
  • New: controller-pointer sample to demonstrate drag vs move modes.
  • New: hotspots-dom sample to demonstrate HTML/CSS usage for hotspots that are positionned over the 3d scene.
  • Fix: hotspots-states-animation sample doesn't target the right action.
  • Fix: hotspots-animation sample use new assets for Firefox, Edge and IE11 compatibility.
  • Fix: audio-playlists sample doesn't play the second track on Edge and IE11.
  • Fix: vrrroom demo doesn't display the menu on Firefox.


  • New: Unit tests on some mathematics/coordinate functions.
  • Upgrade: three.js version to r86.
  • Upgrade: dash.js version to 2.5.0.